Complex interior design, with its total floor area of 120 m2, together with project architect and investor supervision.
Gdańsk, hotel apartments in the WATERLANE Building, 2012

Thanks to the professionalism and high commitment of the designer, the interiors can satisfyboth us and our clients. BMM MĄDRY s.c. company has established the cooperation with Mrs Agnieszka Karaś’s company in order to redesign a large apartment in the WATERLANE building in Gdańsk into two smaller apartments for hotel rental.
Considering the fact that our company is located outside the Tri-city, we commissioned Mrs Agnieszka to provide investment supervision over the project. AW WA company was in charge of the purchase and delivery of fittings to the construction site, including lighting, sanitation, furniture, and complete kitchen equipment, as well as all kinds of minor decorations additions such as flowers, paintings etc. Using her own works, Mrs Agnieszka decorated apartments with photographs and large‑format printouts, which still delights both us and our clients.
It is worth mentioning that the budget assigned by our company for apartment arrangement was not exceeded, and the accounts were settled in a reliable, accurate, and timely manner.

We intend to make use of services provided by Mrs Agnieszka Karaś’s company during the realization of our future investments.

Bogdan Mądry, BMM MĄDRY s.c. company

Complex interior design, with its total floor area of 240 m2, together with project architect supervision.
Warsaw, The trade office of the Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A. Company, 2012

In June and July 2012, AWWA Agnieszka Karaś company created an architectural interior design and conducted project architect supervision over the completion of the 240 m2 Ceramika Nowa Gala trade office in Warsaw in August 2012.
The design included (among others):
- an arrangement of all office rooms, including chairmen’ offices, conference rooms, as well as an office kitchen,
- guidelines on business projects,
- designs of custom-made furniture,
We are pleased to inform that the Project Architect also performed a wide array of works not included in the agreement with the Investor, such as the company’s logo, furniture, luminaires, baseboards, etc. Some interior decorations, such as flowers, photo frames, and the author’s photographs, were personally delivered by the Project Architect and diligently arranged in the office, with the help of the staff.
In connection with the investment, the Project Architect participated in all meetings with the Investor, Building Supervisor, General Contractor and subcontractors, and successfully managed multiple tasks. It should be emphasized that telephone and email contact with the design studio was excellent, and the documentation was delivered within due time.
We are satisfied with modern interiors of the trade office in Warsaw. The aesthetic appeal of the office area is very important to us, for it is a showpiece of the Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A. Company. We are very content with the effects of our cooperation.
We recommend AW WA Agnieszka Karaś company as a trustworthy partner.

Paweł Górnicki, Deputy Chairman, Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A. Company

Architectural design of 50 m2 flat interiors
Gdańsk, City Park building, 2012

In 2012, the AW WA Agnieszka Karaś company has carried out an architectural design of 50 m2 flat interiors in Gdańsk. The design included an arrangement of all rooms.
I am satisfied with the cooperation and I recommend Mrs Agnieszka as an interior designer.

Elżbieta Grubska- Suchanek

120 m2 solarium interiors design together with project architect’s supervision
Gdynia, 2010

In 2010, the AW WA company has carried out our commission: a design of arrangement of 120 m2 solarium area with three sun-beds and a back office. Also, the project architect’s supervision was carried over the investment realization.
The design had to include specialized solutions required by the specific nature of the rooms. All parameters were fulfilled. The premises were accepted by Sanepid (sanitary-epidemiological station) without any issues. The interiors were designed attractively and aesthetically. The cooperation proceeded in an agreeable, efficient and timely manner. We recommend the cooperation with Mrs Agnieszka.

Małgorzata Kowalska

PKB MERONK 100 m2 construction company office interiors design
Gdańsk, 2008

In 2008, the AW WA studio, represented by architect Mrs Agnieszka has carried out design works concerned with adaptation of a raw state room for the needs of our office. The design created by Mrs Agnieszka Karaś was professional and completely satisfied our requirements. The studio is recommendable for interior designing.

Andrzej Meronk