Our Interior Architect will answer your questions and resolve any possible doubts connected with arrangement of the interior.


The conceptual design includes a functional and spatial arrangement of the interior. On projections on a scale of 1:50 the placement of furnishings is presented. The conceptual design includes colouristic and material solutions, as well as lighting placements.


The executive design includes:

  • conceptual design of the rooms ( on scales of 1:50 and 1:20 ),
  • placement of the furnishings, fittings, and decorations (this includes specification of furnishings and materials, as well as appraisal of appliances and fittings),
  • design of floor linings and floor mouldings / baseboards,
  • ceiling design,
  • design of kitchen spatial arrangement with a selection of furniture, fittings, wall and floor linings (This refers to IKEA standard kitchen. Detailed kitchen designs are made by the chosen kitchen furniture studio on the investor’s commission),
  • selection of door carpentry,
  • design / guidelines for electric design (lighting, sockets and light switches arrangement, together with a selection of frames),
  • design / guidelines for sanitary design (placement of water and sewer installation),
  • design consultations on the choice of mobile furniture,
  • design of custom‑made carpentry elements ( non-standard built‑in furniture, shelves, coverings, and other permanent carpentry elements ),
  • design of built‑in recess wardrobes,
  • design of window decorations.

Executive drawings are made after the design is accepted by the customer.

Apart from standard agreements on conceptual or executive design, we offer visits in furniture and fittings shops with the investor.


Handing the design over to the contractor, discussion on the drawings, verification of performed works compliance with design guidelines.


The architect orders fittings ( except building materials ) and coordinates deliveries to the construction site. The designer is also responsible for flat decoration, such as paintings, flowers, covers etc.